Who is Hi Josh?

Okay okay straight up I’m a Christian, THE MOST important thing in my life is knowing Jesus and letting him direct my life.

I have come to the realisation that I am SUPER dumb, and it’s not just the ridiculously dumb videos I make, essentially I’m just straight up dumb. I do things that i don’t want to do and i don’t do the things that i want to do, and i wonder why that is? Why doesn’t everything just work out and i make good decisions and help people rather than hurt them and all that. Well I think i’ve come to the realisation that as great as this world can be, it’s far far far from perfect, and there is something in my nature that wants to go against God in every way possible. So when i read the bible and realise that people have acted this way for centuries then it starts to make sense, this isn’t about me, it’s about God. And when i read that even though people have spat in his face since the beginning of time, he decided to give us a second chance for relationship with him through Jesus, then that blows my mind! Because as people, we don’t see that kind of love between each other, our love always has conditions.

Having a relationship with Jesus is the only thing i can do, i have no other way of connecting with God. Everything else i do is ridiculous and selfish, but when i focus all my dreams, all my hopes, all my money, all my work and all my relationships with the perspective that it’s all about God, then my selfish, dumb decisions take a back seat because they are nothing compared to an eternity with the one who created everything and the only truly good thing in this world.

That doesn’t really explain why i have a website, but i guess that’s not really important!

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